Sunday, June 27, 2010


I'm seedy as heck and have lots of untamed ramblings going through my head right now. It's been a long weekend. Here they are:

-five people slept in my bed last night. None of them were me. I slept in the spare bed next to Rick's mate.
-I got blind on vodka these past two nights, yet I'm still here nursing one now. Drinking problem shminking shmoblem.
-Linda is going to be pissed when photos of last night end up on facebook and she realises I had the party without her.
-I would give my left nut (if I had one) to miss work tomorrow. Holla!
-And finally, I got steel wool or something stuck in my pinky today and it's stinging like a mofo, yeowch!

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's been sooo long, sooo long do da do

Dear blog,

sorry I haven't been utilizing you lately. You see, I think my brain imploded a few weeks back, and since then every time I think about you I feel too overwhelmed/tired/fat to put words together. I still feel too tired to put words together. When I melted my brain I hurried to a doctor I'd carefully sought out (the nice one who reassured me when Axel had his first asthma attack) and I poured out my problems to her. I think I cried a bit, then panicked that she might think I was hamming it up for drugs. Alas, she gave me drugs. A magical pill called Cymbalta, which made me deathly nauseaus for a few weeks but generally calm. I've noticed since beginning the drug around four weeks ago that I no longer scream at the dog, or pick stupid fights with the hubster. Everything seems to be going well for us lately. Oh yeah, the evil eeeevil sister in law/she devil up and moved out one day while we were at work! Right after I started the antidepressants, so maybe they are actually a placebo and her absense is what made the world right again? If that's the case I'll be pretty pissed because they are NOT cheap.

After not hearing from evil cow face for a few weeks, unforunately she has opened up her hell gates and rained abuse on me recently. They are coming in the form of facebook wall posts, texts, phone calls and messages through my father in law (who doesn't need much encouragement to hate on me). But you know what? I couldn't care less. She is choosing me to hate because she is a) jealous of my awesome life, b) in need of a reason why Rick hates her boyfriend, or c) because she is dumb. Regardless, I know I didn't do anything to provoke her and I am actually pretty relieved she isn't in my life any more.

Other than that, life is as dull as my writing. The most exciting thing that has happened around here in the last few hours was just then when the dog farted in front of the heater and it blew into my face. For a second I thought someone was bringing take away mexican to my door, wrong! Today I found out that my boss's sleaze bag boyfriend cheated on her with one of the girls from work's best mate. He is so frustratingly stupid and gross, not to mention the fact that they are expecting a wee baby soon. Ah well, not my problem (and I kind of wish I didn't know... but and again it is juicy goss). Also, bossy face hates me at the moment because I have been offered her job - which I will kick arse at because I am amazing.

Well, that's the shiz.