Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tick tock

Yeah so I accepted a salary as manager of the poop Café today. Blargh. Does this mean I'm going to get stuck in a lowly comfort zone without ever furthering my career or having more sprogs? I hope not.

Seriously, babies. Whenever I'm in a quiet room I can actually hear my uterus wailing. It's quite a worry, considering how sure I was three years ago that babies weren't for me. Noisy and sticky and confronting is how I saw children. Tiny baby children were sort of ok, as long as they were asleep, but that's it. Now they are all I can think of, and of course the hormones pulsing through me keep saying "Sleepless nights? What sleepless nights? Who needs a social life and disposable incomes anyway?" I hope I can have another baby soon!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I know what's next

So after a week of running said poo café I have decided it isn't for me. I had a run in with the owner/queen of micromanaging yesterday morning after a particularly hard drop off at daycare. I told her after Christmas I'd like to step back from manager and just work a few days a week. I told her I didn't have the support I needed at home to be working full time with a toddler, and that leaving him sobbing at daycare was killing me. I even welled up myself. And you know what she did? She defensively got rude of course. I mean, the woman hasn't even given me my pay rise and I'm letting her off the hook, and she's RUDE? She told me I'm not running the show anyway, hence the lack of a pay rise, and told me I'm on the award because that's all she thinks I'm worth. Bitch be crazeh.

But I'm going to rise above it. It would be pretty handy to keep the job, because when she isn't there it's a nice simple job that would be good for some pocket money. So I won't get into how she's a clueless yuppy way out of her depth, or how I've been running the 'show' for three months without appropriate pay because I was promised a proper salary was coming. Nah, it's all good. Because today I got reminded of something in the ever amazing Edenland's blog; I am exactly where God wants me. I've already figured out what I'm going to do next. So sucka ma balls Café de Books!