Saturday, September 14, 2013

Birthdays stink

It's my birthday today.

There's nothing like a birthday to remind you of the things that aren't right in your life. At the moment I'm spending five days a week away from my kids in a job I really don't like, and getting no where financially because the shift composition is impractical. I feel like working 'full time' (days, not hours) is hindering my ability to forge any kind of social life for me or the kids, and so stopping me from feeling at home. I haven't made any friends, except for some cool people at work. So today is my birthday and I feel so lonely and caged in. No cash, no mates, no play dates.

I know I'm a nice guy. I treat people with respect and I always endeavor to put out positive energy. But things like spending your birthday alone with no plans, no phone calls, no cards... well they make you feel pretty shitty. I must be going wrong somewhere. Am I a shitty person? I'm not sure.

Bah humbug.