Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tick tock

Yeah so I accepted a salary as manager of the poop Café today. Blargh. Does this mean I'm going to get stuck in a lowly comfort zone without ever furthering my career or having more sprogs? I hope not.

Seriously, babies. Whenever I'm in a quiet room I can actually hear my uterus wailing. It's quite a worry, considering how sure I was three years ago that babies weren't for me. Noisy and sticky and confronting is how I saw children. Tiny baby children were sort of ok, as long as they were asleep, but that's it. Now they are all I can think of, and of course the hormones pulsing through me keep saying "Sleepless nights? What sleepless nights? Who needs a social life and disposable incomes anyway?" I hope I can have another baby soon!

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