Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm kind of new around here

So I just decided to switch to Blogger because my previous blog was giving me the shits. I felt a bit weighed down by it, even though it was full of mostly nothing. Whinging about my son or my in laws or my crappy job, you know, the usual. So here's a nice fresh untainted blog to whinge about my son and my inlaws and my crappy job all over.

I love blogs. It is so self involved to sit here and talk about my crap to you, the faceless person who may or may not read it. I intend on being no-holds-barred but overall I really don't have much going on. I have a gorgeous 19 month old kid, he's rad. I have a decent bloke who puts up with my shit (and who gives me enough shit to put up with to keep me interested) and we live in a fairly shabby house in an excellent suburb in Brisbane, because that's what you do. We were pretty lucky to pick it up in our price range just over a year ago, because right now total piles of steaming crap are going for 50 k more than we paid in our very street. I work in a book shop/café hybrid, but hopefully not for ever and ever. I used to be a kick arse restaurant manager before our surprise baby came along, and was happy to kiss up to people for the awesome money for ever (and ever) but now I'm intent on becoming a teacher. I hear the holidays are pretty good. I have one year left of study, but starting that one year up again is the tricky part.

So, here's my new blog. I decided Blogger because there's quite a few Blogger blogs on my favourites list. Come back here and be my friend if you like to read about people bitching and moaning about their stuff. I love you already?

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