Friday, January 1, 2010

About me me me me me

Ok that was a pretty pathetic first post. Here's a nice self-indulgant list of stuff about me!

  • since starting this post I've had to get up and take the dog food dish off my son's head
  • I have a dog who almost never gets walked because she is too strong for me
  • I love Pearl Jam
  • My highschool friends called me Fatty, now people call me Ames and it's no where near as good
  • My partner is a chef, and so out of pressure to please him in the kitchen I have begun the challenge of learning to cook. Last night he dubbed me Fritatta Queen, shit yeah!
  • I consider myself the best driver ever
  • My 16 month old kid is so totally awesome
  • I work casually in a cafe/book shop which was plenty satisfying until my dad shot me down
  • I am aiming to get back to uni this year (this semester, hurry up woman and get your shit together) to complete a diploma of education, thus branding me Teacher Queen also
  • Since starting this post my son has removed his cloth nappy and whizzed on the rug

So... I guess I better clean that up.

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