Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Night doo de doo de doo

Woah man blogger is confusing me. So anyway, I'm lazy and haven't blogged for yonks which is actually why I came to blogger in the first place. My lj blog was getting hectic and every time I felt like blogging the feeling would immediately get swallowed up by not wanting to blog.

So this is where I'm at: my sister in law (Rdog's sister) has moved in with us and it is stressing me out. I knew it was stressing me out when I yelled at her 10 month old daughter last week while babysitting, and I've pretty much gone down hill from there. I mean, who yells at a baby?? The fact that I was babysitting at all I think is good reason to be stressing, and couple that with the fact that she hasn't paid rent (EVER) and her stupid dog is here teaching my well-behaved darling dog to bark at everything that moves I think we have sufficient reason.

Anyway, in the last few days I've realised this 'stress' is getting out of hand. Basically, I'm depressed. I know I'm one of those weak-arse sooky lala people who's totally prone to the sobs, but this is really bad. That black dog is right here humping my leg this week, and I feel like every time I fake a smile to please my partner I'm screaming a bit louder on the inside. So on Tuesday I'm taking the plunge and seeing a doctor. I've never really met a doctor on the public health care payroll in Brisbane that I'm confident in, but what the hell. I feel like I'm out of sad control and soon I'm going to drive my wonderful partner away. He has battled depression himself and I get frustrated with his lack of understanding and compassion, but I think he's really fearful of it. I know he just wants me to get better, even if he can't hold my hand while I do it.

So, that's it. Hasn't this been rivetting?

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