Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blogging to the sound of Cops

Six weeks til the wedding! So much to do, yet so little motivation. I'm starting to panic about being a fatty boombah now; I think it's necessary to lost at least 2 kg to fit into that big white sucker. I'm Zen on the rest of the wedding front; a big hurdle was the honeymoon because we couldn't agree on a destination, and then there was the minor matter of firing a bridesmaid. But that's all sorted now, leaving me the victor and the nasty cow all at once. I know I did the right thing, and the most upsetting part wasn't her reaction but the fact that I had to do it in the first place. Someone I thought was a genuine friend turned out to be nothing more than a friend-fling, a fleeting relationship built on an in-genuine personality. Bummer.

It's all good though. I am a very lucky lady (as I type this my husband-to-be is throwing hot wheels cars at me and tooting from the arse.. hot). I'm fighting each and every day to stay in a positive mindset with my crappy work life and the terrible twos and the constant pain of a neglected rotting tooth, but look at what I have on the way.. a marriage to a man who treats me like a princess, a 7 day honeymoon in bali, and as if that's not all enough, tickets to State of Origin woohoo!

Things are going good guns.

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