Friday, May 27, 2011

Chubby wubby

I have had a crap day.

That's about it.

Things that happened today that are crap include (but are not limited to):
  • My boss asking me if I was pregnant. It's a mistake people make I suppose, but there are a few factors that make it super crappo: for one Maxx is a man, and no man should ever comment on a woman's weight. For twofer, when I said I was certainly not pregnant he said "then why are you getting... more chubby". And for threez, I have been SO STRICT lately with my diet and exercise on account of I am getting hitched in five tiny short weeks. And my dress don't do up!
  • I lost a friend. Once a great friend, in recent months almost a distant acquaintance, but in any case the person I asked to be my bridesmaid. I am not going to dwell or cry over her because I can honestly say (for once in my life?) that I am not at fault and I acted maturely and diplomatically. Well, as diplomatically as you can when you're having your squeezed and strangled heart handed to you in a doggy bag. Young people, pffsh.
  • Thirdly... well I don't actually have a third. And that my friends is why I'm happy to wait and blog while my beautiful man uses every last drop of hot water in the system. Because when he gets out we're going to enjoy a nice double malt scotch together and watch some Sex and the City. Because I trained him to do that.

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