Friday, January 13, 2012

Woe is Mogger

I had big plans for all the matches that were to be made at my wedding. I briefed my single brother on the who's who of my single girlfriends and watched eagerly as he and his retro suit worked the floor. One friend in particular caught his eye.. but it wasn't to be. She also caught the eye of Rick's mate Mogger. As it turns out, T and Mogger were to be the only match made at my wedding.

You dig this suit, don't you?

Cut to this week and the honeymoon is so, so over for the T+M team. Mogger has been on my couch every night, sulking into bowls of my food and enjoying my liquor. He is sad, and he will talk your ear off even if you are blogging and totally ignoring him. For serious, guys. I need a plan!

My friend T does not like people messing with her business. Early in the piece Mogger came around asking me advice on women and let it slip that he has been banging my friend. I did the usual "WOOHOO" to her which in turn got Mogger inked in the bad books. So I don't know hot to approach her about the recent troubles. I only hear his side obviously, but I am a woman and I do understand the inner workings of her twisted mind, I believe. And I really want my evenings with the couch, remote and husband to myself!

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