Monday, March 18, 2013

I freaking love daycare days

Today I have indulged in one of my guiltiest of pleasures. No, it's not half a bottle of red (ask me later on this evening though) or even a sneaky serve of KFC chips with extra seasoning...

I sent my 4 year old off to daycare for no reason at all except to give myself a break. Because I'm working part time at the moment, day to day life has become a juggling act on a tight rope with a ball balancing on my head. My kids go to daycare when I work and spend the days tearing the house apart when I'm at home, so even though he didn't really want to go and I didn't have any legitimate reasons to send him, he is the care of Miss Kim today.

So what should I do?! I could nap while the baby naps, or get the laundry done, or prep a nice dinner, or watch a movie... eeeeek quick enjoy the day!

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