Friday, March 15, 2013

My Space

Have you ever tried to trace your internet footprint?

I'm 25, so I'm right up in that Gen Y biz. I started my first blog in year 12, and while I have no idea how to find it, it did have a really great header that I found on google images and doctored to say 'Fat Amy'. That blog got me into a bit of trouble when a teacher I had criticized found it and used it against me.

I have started and lost several more blogs over the last eight years. I rode the myspace wave baby, and it was pretty great. Tonight I finally figured out my myspace login and read over posts from nineteen-to-twenty-year-old me. Those were pretty tumultuous times in my life. I fell out of love with my highschool sweetheart, finished uni, met my now-husband and fell pregnant by complete surprise with my eldest son. The world looked so different to me then, and it is equal parts painful and enthralling to read what I was thinking.

So on that note I am kick-starting this stale old thing once again. Every time I log in I sing out a big woohoo, I'm back, I missed you! then I don't log back in for months. Whatever, I don't care, this is my space mate. But I do know that I will appreciate it if I figure out my password in a few years time and get to see what I was thinking when my second born was a few months old.

I'll fill you in on him tomorrow, bloggy. MWAH

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