Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amy the Irresponsible

I just got home from my usual Thursday evening routine; impulse buying crap I don't need simply because I have an hour to kill between work finishing and kindy ending, and it's late night shopping right! The shops are open, there are clothes everywhere just looking at me, asking me to try them on. This evening I was particularly irresponsible. Not only did I purchase three items (two dresses and a demin vest) that I'm pretty sure I'd survive without, but both dresses are long enough to trip me over and they didn't have my size in the vest so I just went down one. Ha, silly consumer whore!

It's been one heck of a week at work. Understaffed thanks to uni starting back and colds and sprained ankles, and man have I been sick. The cold and flu season always makes me its bitch. So it was pretty easy for me to convince myself I deserved two new dresses and a demin jacket one size too small. Now if only I could afford to get out and wear my pretty new items!


In other news, we found out yesterday that my sister in law from hell... uh I mean, from Boondall is 5.5 months pregnant. Not so nice that she didn't bother to tell anyone, but hey, I'm happy for her! In fact, I'm all up in that with tingly clucky jealousy. I can't wait til it's my turn to get round and sick and uncomfortable again, although I can't really place why. I keep mentioning this to Rick and he keeps chucking anything shiny he can find at me to distract me. He has offered to go ahead with the deck renovations I've wanted since we moved in (which would mean not leaving work for at least another 18 months), and keeps talking about overseas holidays for the three of us. But it's all good. Whatever is meant to be will be. Chyeah.

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