Friday, February 25, 2011

Why I'm anti undies (now)

How about potty training hey? That's the whole joke right there. This morning my clever/evil genius decided it was a good day to go commando. He has been doing so well at daycare using the big boy toilet, and we all know undies don't work in the Q household, so commando seemed reasonable. Previous undies attempts have all ended in the same fashion; Axel standing legs apart giggling and pointing as he wees in them. No, giggling isn't the right description. Cackling like an evil villain. Yeah.

Last Saturday we had a mostly successful day of commando, so I had no reason to fear it this morning. I didn't bank on Axel knowing where to find some clean undies. That he enjoys weeing in. On my new rug. That is very hard to clean. I understand toilet training comes with accidents, but malicious wee attacks are hard to stomach early on a Saturday morning. So that's why I hid all the undies.

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