Saturday, June 11, 2011

Three weeks to go dun dun dunnnn

Three weeks from today I will be getting married! Pretty freakin' excited. There are a tonne of things to do still; find a replacement photographer for the butt-face one that backed out, find a band because all of a sudden one month out Rick decides it is necessary after all (!!), and last but not least find my sister a freakin bridesmaid dress. Things certainly haven't gone to plan, but I'm mostly filled with excitement nerves instead of stress nerves.

I haven't really touched on the ex-bridesmaid issue too much here, but lets just say while losing a bridesmaid a few weeks out from a wedding isn't ideal, I am so relieved. It was a case of asking the wrong person to be a bridesmaid, and it only got worse when a bunch of lies she told came out and cemented our status as EX friends. I was so sure I knew her; we'd been friends for almost three years and I knew her family, she used to hang out with us and babysit our son and introduce us to boyfriends. But somewhere in the last 6 months she began to change and drift away from all of us (mutual friends included). In the end she showed a nasty and immature side of herself that I had no idea existed. Her sister (who I was naive enough to consider a friend as well) was meant to be our photographer, so it was a bit of a double whammy. I actually approached her gently and asked her if she'd mind if I made my sister a bm instead of her and she was fine with it; even a little cold in saying "I don't know why you didn't do that in the first place". The fall out was a few days later when I discovered she had lied about being at uni for the last semester just to get the days off she wanted at work. I always thought we were friends first, boss and employee second. But a friend wouldn't lie about something as huge as quitting uni. In the end I guess I gauged it all wrong and were never friends at all. When we fell out she sent some horrible texts and threw it all over facebook about how I was a crap friend and all she did was try and make me like her... it didn't make sense to me at all but I'm not going to play into that school-girl stuff. Just accept it and move on I say!

I am pretty proud of my new grown up self.

So now I have to find a dress for sisterino, and seeing as the original dresses are black with a white sash I think i'll just let her go for something black and she feels good in and add the detail. No point stressing! I'm getting married in three weeks!

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