Friday, June 17, 2011

A big day

I just quit my job.

I just walked in there with a very polite and professional letter, hid it among some other mail and slinked on out. Rick says that's unprofessional, but so is treating your manager like crap.

I am still shaking a wee bit. I just quit my freakin job! I sure did like that weekly wage! For the past two years I've been managing a little café + bookshop business, originally for a couple of ultra hip 30-somethings with better things to do, and recently for the younger Taiwanese couple who just bought it. I have so much love for the place but have been starting to realise how difficult it is to distinguish between love and comfort. The relationship between me and the new owners has been on the decline for a little while; it is crystal clear to me that they want to run the place on their own but have legal obligations to keep me. After reaching near-breaking point with them a month ago, and coupled with the fact that my toddler son is not enjoying daycare, I decided to lump it.

I just quit my damn job, oh man.

I had a trial at a cute little organic-only café today, because you know, money is a necessary evil. They dug me and I dug them, so I'm starting when I get back from my honeymoon. Only for a few days a week so I can watch my niece while my sister-in-law [the good one] is at uni, and so I can spend more time with my baby boy. You know the one; the guy who was eight months old when I went back to work, who can now suddenly do ones and twos in the toilet for days on end without accidents. Yeah, that cool guy.

I am so sorry I didn't quit this stinkin' job sooner kid.

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  1. Big change! But sometimes the scariest things we do end up being the best things. I really hope all works out for you :)