Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lucky Ones

I could've slept in for ever today. I am tired enough for it, and my little guy is spending some quality time with my in laws. My little sister is in town so we joined hubster and a few of his friends at the local for some drinks and dance-like-no-one's-judging fun last night. But I was sitting bolt upright this morning at the familiar time of 6:30 wondering why there wasn't a little warm body with cold feet trying to steal all the blankets. Last night (possibly the wee hours of this morning) when we returned with greasy McDonalds in hand we saw the news that a man has been charged with the murder of Daniel Morcombe, a 14 year old boy who was abducted not far from where I live in 2003. For eight years his parents have waited for answers, for closure. And now they have it, as police search through bushland on the Sunshine Coast today for his remains. Can you imagine eight years of not knowing what happened to your child? My heart has been aching for his parents this morning, as they have to face what their minds would have known for a while now, but what their hearts weren't prepared to believe.

So I could've slept in forever, heck I could be in bed right now with not a single annoying husband or needy toddler in sight. But instead I'm sitting by the window waiting for Axel to get home safely so I can squeeze his little head.


  1. The Morcombe case is just heartbreaking isn't it? I get what you mean about wanting Axel back.... I will be desperate for a break from Georgie, but when I get one I spend half the time thinking about her anyway- it's just nuts!

  2. There's been a lot of squeezing going on in our house too. Thanks for linking up to my blog.

  3. Squeeze away and treasure them. We are indeed the lucky ones.