Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things that shit me today

In no particular order, here are the things that shit me today.

  • Washing the giant white dog, then watching as he breaks the lead and runs over to the compost area
  • Headache for no foreseeable reason
  • Disgusting mess on my veranda thanks to drunken fools last night, particularly the smoke butts as no one that lives here smokes 
  • The butcher who hit on me this morning; the first few times it was flattering but now it's just awkward and annoying and not even worth the fifty cents he takes off the dog bones
  • Stupid white chef jackets that I have to launder and iron that NEVER stay white
  • Chuggington. I hate your stupid song, just shut your face
  • My pay is three days late and I could really use that money for food and fuel and bills thanks
Argh. Stupid woman bitching about first world problems. It's one of those days. 

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