Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today did not go as planned.

The plan wasn't set in stone or too important, but it mostly centered around cleaning up the unknown pubes and spews left in my bathroom thanks to the impromptu house party here on Thursday night. It wasn't my doing; I was at work when it began and it ended pretty swiftly when I got home. Friends of ours got married on Thursday at the registry office, and had nothing better planned so ended up raiding my liquor cabinet that night while I worked my butt off. Thanks to working all day yesterday, the place was still a total shitfight this morning. And still is now.

This morning during his nap I noticed Axel making weird noises. I went and checked on him to find him virtually choking on his enlarged tonsils. Sooo it was off to the emergency ward where we waited to see a doctor. And waited, and waited, for four hours. The most frustrating part is when we finally got in [to see an excellent pediatrician] there was no better news than to send us on our way with a referral that is expected to take around four months. Thanks Queensland Health system! I hope my kid doesn't die while you're sorting your shit out. It is the kick in the pants we need to get off our butts and buy private health insurance, with the only problem being the money to get it. Ah well, maybe less parties.

Anyway, as Saturday winds to a close I am sitting here nursing a strong drink. I am meant to be at work and Axel with his uncle for the night, but seeing as I had to call in sick I kept him home anyway. He is eating a sandwich for dinner because the meal planned was for the slow cooker, and being home is a requirement when using a slow cooker. The house is a mess, the dogs haven't had any attention or exercise and the laundry basket doth overflow. Whatever, there's always tomorrow.

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