Friday, October 14, 2011

Cop out Friday

Today, much like last Friday, has been punishing.

Tonight, much like last Friday, means buying greasy fish and chips from the angry German down the road because I CBF'd cooking. (Side- he is such a jerk! I wish his food didn't taste so damn good. Tonight when I asked for extra seasoning he stared blankly at me, so I reiterated 'extra salt?' which must of offended him because I'll be damned if I could spot a single grain of salt in the whole package).

This week, much like the last two weeks, my pay is late. This week it is actually much later in that it didn't arrive at all. I'm so angry that all I can do is breath in, breath out, and repeat. Woozah.

I am struggling to find happy, normal Amy inside myself. I know she's there and I am making an extra effort to pull her to the surface, but it's difficult. Sarcastic, negative Amy likes to have the full floor, ya know? It'll all work out, that I know for sure, but I hope it hurries on up.

Now, time for wine and NOT washing up. Friday nights mean bath wars with my kid, so over and out.


  1. Ha! Thursday seems to be my regular night for falling apart and sees us getting takeaway. I hope things pick up for you soon! I think there's just a bit of a yucky funk going on lately.... I'm feeling it too. Life just feels way too hard, and really not the way it was supposed to be. Fingers crossed your pay arrives soon, because there is nothing worse than not getting paid. I hope happy Amy can find her way out. I'm thinking of you, and have been praying for you lately xxx

  2. Thanks Robyn, that means a lot :)