Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today's Lesson

Today's lesson is to be grateful for what you have. It can be difficult, and I am a classic hot-headed virgo so I know better than some. Today, for example, I decided to brave the heat and bundle Axel into the car for a spot of op-shopping, only to have the damn stupid unreliable piece of poo break down ages away from home. It was hot, child was edgy, husband was very busy at work and thus unhappy to be pulled away to deal with dumb car. We were both hot-headed by the time he got the car running (and the op shop had closed). Throw in a trip to woolies with aforementioned edgy child and a touch of arriving home to find the dog had pulled the clean clothes of the line - again - and you have yourself a pretty wild mama. 

Then I got home, stripped off, gave Axel chocolate biscuits to buy myself ten minutes worth of peace, poured myself a beer and logged onto facebook. The very first story to pop up on my feed was a post from my half sister. She'd updated her blog, which is a journal she is keeping to track her Multiple Sclerosis. It isn't great news, and my heart aches for her. I was going to post a link but it's a tricky situation. I don't know my half sisters (from my dad's first marriage) all that well and am actually just glad they've added me on facebook. I feel helpless, so I had to write it down some way, wave a flag for her. I feel such a strong affection for this woman who I hardly know, and am scared for her health but also for the knowledge I am privy to without any support or connection. We got into contact just before her diagnosis last Christmas, and things have been very up-and-down for her, not just with her health but with other things as well (can you say Brisbane floods?).  I can't imagine what she must be going through, but I am trying to, just so I will stop being such a whiny bitch when something doesn't go my way. 

Nyeh. Anyway, as I was saying: be grateful for what you have, because there are people out there who don't have the luxury of a healthy working nervous system or brain. You are so lucky! 

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