Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What day is it?

I quit my job the other day, after getting my knickers in a knot about the late pay issue. On the day I quit my pay was two weeks late; I think that warrants leaving a shitty casual cafe job if you ask me. The boss there is quite a hard arse so it shocked me when he got upset and asked me to reconsider. He sent his sidekick (best friend, in charge of accounts and wages) in just before I left to suss out why I was leaving. I copped out and mumbled a load about personal circumstance/stress/distance to travel because I don't like confrontation and I don't like to be mean. What I meant was not only the dicking around with my pay, but with the other supervisor there who happens to have just began a relationship with the boss. As far as I have seen since I arrived, she only came clean about sleeping with him so she could cop out on work, and has not lifted a finger since. The unfairness of it got to be too much to bare. 

If I am going to just be a waitress and barista, I am going to put my back in to it and work hard to be the best waitress and barista. I am pretty modest with most things, but I actually am the best waitress and barista. It's my way of trying to block out the fact that I have no career. So having said that, I am pretty pleased that they offered me more money, more power, full time hours, less hours, any hours I want. But I'm pretty sure I can't go back. Even with the anxiety of not having income to pay the bills after this week, I feel soooo much more relaxed. I threw my resume around the morning before I quit, and have had a healthy stream of interviews and offers so I'm not too worried. I'm just going to work on putting positive energy out there for the time being and trust that things will fall into place nicely.

The other niggling thought I have about work is that maybe I should happily stay hating my job so that I have more urgency to get back to study in 2012. But on the flipside, isn't 2012 the end of the world? Not sure if I want to spend it with my face in a text book... 

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