Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Master Axel

I did something drastic this evening.. I'm not sure how my husband is going to take it when he gets home.



Husbter and I have had heaps of heated debates about what to do with Axel's golden locks. He has had two haircuts already which were both tidy-up trims, but he seems to have inherited mum's ability to grow hair at an enviable speed. The first time we got his hair cut we were so shocked at how grown up he looked we decided to let him be a hippy kid a la celebrity children. 

Exhibit A
Exhibit B              Exhibit C

Lately Axel has been asking for a spiky hair cut like his uncle (who's a regular number 1 with the clippers kind of guy). Today there were big red warning signs all over Axel's daycare center alerting a recent outbreak of nits *shudder* which set in stone the events that followed. I'm not worried about how old he looks, or how hubster will react to that aspect; this kid came to me the other night with his bed time pull ups we call 'special undies' and demanded to know why he has to wear nappies. "Oh no those aren't nappies, they're big boy... nap ... pies" and every night since he has worn his trusty Lightening McQueen undies to bed without hassle. Our kid is such a big boy now and we are chuffed. 

The problemo numero uno is that my husband demanded that the next hair cut be in the form of a mullet. Yeah. This came up before we got married, and I still went ahead and locked myself down with the guy. A father willing to, nay insisting upon inflicting his own son with the embarrassment of having a mullet post 1982. We'll see if that ever happens while I still have a pulse.

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  1. That made me laugh! He still looks very cute. And I agree about the mullet- not under any circumstances! It's lucky these men have us or they would walk around looking dreadful! :)